MT 161 - Suspemsibility of aqueous suspension concentrates


Content Handbook H


Ouline of method

The method is broadly similar to previously published methods for determining the suspensibility of wettable powders (e.g. MT 15.1). It involves preparing 250 ml of diluted suspension, allowing it to stand in a measuring cylinder under defined conditions, and removing the top nine-tenths. The remaining tenth is then assayed essayed either chemically, gravimetrically or by solvent extraction, and the suspensibility calculated.



The method is suitable for aqueous suspension concentrates (SC) which are substantially diluted with water before use, and which contain only one suspended active ingredient. In some cases the method may be extended to concentrates containing two or more suspended active ingredients (see below). If the diluted suspension contains more than 1% insoluble solids, accuracy may be reduced
because of hindered settling.