Handbook K

Analysis of technical and formulated pesticides
Alpha-cypermethrin method, see Handbook H / method extension, SC, WG
Bensulfuron-methyl  method, TC, WP, WG
Chlorothalonil  method, TC, WP, WG, SC
Chlorpyrifos method, see Handbook C / method extension, UL
Chlorsulfuron method, see Handbook H / method extension, WP
Cycloxydim  method, TC, TK, EC
Dicamba method, TC, SL, WG
Epoxiconazole method, TC, SC, SE, EC
Esfenvalerate method, TC, UL
Etofenprox  method, TC, WP, EC, EW
Icaridin  method, TC, SL
Imidacloprid method, TC, WG, SC, WS, FS
Kresoxim-methyl  method. TC, WG, SC, SE
Lambda-cyhalothrin  method, see Handbook E / method extension, CS
Malathion  method, TC, EC, EW, DP
Metsulfuron-methyl method, see Handbook H / method extension, WP
Niclosamid method, see Handbook J / method extension, SC
Oxydemeton-methyl method, TC, TK, EC, SL
Procymidone  method, TC, WP, WG, SC
Thifensulfuron-methyl  method, TC, WG
Transfluthrin method, TC, SL
Tribenuron methyl method, TC, WG



Miscellaneous techniques
Emulsion characteristic and re-emulsification properties MT 36.3
Attrition resistance of dispersible granules  MT 178.2
Suspensibility of formulations forming suspensions on dilution with water  MT 184
Wet sieve test  MT 185
Bulk density  MT 186
Particle size analysis by laser diffraction  MT 187