Content of CIPAC Handbook J


Analysis of technical and formulated pesticides

Amitrole method, TC, WP, SC, SL
Bitertanol  method, TC, WP, DC, SC
Cymoxanil  method, TC, WP, WG
Cyproconazole method, TC,SL, EC, WG, SC
Dazomet method, TC, GR
Ethofumesate method, TC, SC, EC 
Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl method, TC, EW
Fipronil method, TC, EC, UL
Fosethyl method, TC, WP, WG
Hexazinone method, TC, WG, SP, SL, SG
Mepiquat chloride  method, TK, SG, SL
Niclosamide  method, TC, WP, EC
Phenmedipham  method see Handbook C, method extension EC
Pyridaben method, TC, WP, SC
Quinmerac  method, TC, WP, SC
method, TC, WG
Triflumuron method, TC, WP, SC


Miscellaneous techniques

Water  MT 30
Low temperatire stability of liquid formulations  MT 39.3
Accelerated storage procedure  MT 46.3
Determination of pH values  MT 75.3
Pourability of suspension concentrates  MT 148.1
Wet sieving using recycled water  MT 182

The use of the agrochemical emulsion tester (AET) for the determination of the stability of dilute emulsions

 MT 183